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  • Version: 2.1

AniMaker Drag - Create animations and have fun, for free!

AniMaker Drag helps new animators create smooth animations in very little time. The application is great for beginner animators who would like to learn more about animations. The software features a unique tweening feature that can automatically create "filler" frames to make animations appear smoother and more professional. AniMaker Drag is a great application that can be used by users with any level of computer skills.

AniMaker Drag - The free animation software for beginners - Learn animating in 5 minutes!

With AniMaker Drag beginners and others can create animations, learn how to animate and that in a very simple way. Instead of doing every little movement frame-by-frame you can just use the tweening feature and simple create the first, the middle and the last frame of one movement, and our smart software makes smooth "ghost frames", that means, there are frames (invisible), which are created automatically and these make your animation smooth and more fun to do!


-Saving locally

-Saving server-sided

-Unlimited frames

-Automatic tweening

-Opening files (local & server-sided files)

-Many updates

-Exporting WITHOUT watermark(s)!

-Easy and simple to use

-For beginners and professional animating

-Many settings to change

Well our software has a easy tweening tool, where other (also often expensive) programs do not automatically tween between frames. Our software is able to save your files server-sided, that means, it won't use up your space on your computer! If you want to save it locally just do it! You can do both! And soon: The software will (maybe next update) be also offline available, so you don't have to worry about your internet connection.


  • Suitable for beginner animators
  • Automatic "tweening" feature
  • Unlimited frames can be added
  • Export projects without any watermarks


  • Requires basic animation skills
  • Requires a high spec computer
  • Getting to know your way around takes some time
  • Limited support for touch/pen input devices


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AniMaker Drag


AniMaker Drag 2.1 for PC


User reviews about AniMaker Drag

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Very nice program!.
    It works perfect!
    Very simple, and easy, but still it needs internet :c
    Pros: simple

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